Advantage-Play Roulette is a Disadvantage

“Advantage Play” (AP) is a gambling term that means you can gain the advantage over Roulette by studying the wheel and the croupier/dealer (I use the term dealer – I’m an American).

You can tell these folks are at your table since they all wear tin-foil hats – they are all wackos; they are living a life from 200 years ago.  They have a smug attitude about themselves that they’ve discovered the Holy Grail and you are just too stupid to appreciate them.

Basically they write down numbers trying to find a “defect” in the wheel and/or the “dealer’s signature” of spinning the ball.  Never mind the fact that in 200+ years the Roulette wheel is now so highly balanced, by computer lathes, that no amount of analysis of the spins will tell you anything.  The Roulette wheels are swapped out in a random sequence at most casinos and there is no way to tell if the wheel at your table today was there a month ago.  Also, the dealer is swapped out every hour for a break and a new dealer has a new “signature”.

AP gamblers have a cult following – they have given up on statistics and live in a world that doesn’t exist – maybe 200+ years ago AP worked but not today.  Also, AP Roulette players shun away from computerized Roulette games (Random Number Generators – RNG) and must play on live Roulette tables.

Don’t listen to anything they have to say – it’s all psychobabble.

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