Golden Rule #4 – Don’t Use Frankenstein Systems

There is NO single Roulette bet that wins time after time – if there was, Roulette tables would have been thrown out into the streets at all casinos hundreds of years ago.

Many gamblers fall for Gambler’s Fallacy and so do a lot of gamblers believe that taking a bunch of parts- bets, techniques, and systems and combining them will magically result in a winning Roulette system – they believe that the sum of the parts will exceed the best individual bet; they believe Frankenstein lives.  This is, of course, another fallacy that many gamblers fall for. Sadly many gamblers fall for both the Gambler’s Fallacy and the Frankenstein Fallacy at the same time and are doomed to a lifetime of losing at Roulette and hating every moment of it.

I view Roulette as using different betting strategies to do different things, the worst thing you can do is to combine multiple bets/techniques/systems into one bet – the result will be no better than the best bet and is dragged down by the worst bet within the system; the sum of the parts is a Frankenstein system.

Using this rule you can easily eliminate 20% or so of all Roulette systems out there – if they create a Frankenstein system with parts of other systems this is a sure clue that the gambler has fallen for the Frankenstein Fallacy.

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